Well Visits

Well Visits

About Well Visits

Well visits are an important, preemptive step towards maintaining your little one’s overall health. Angel Kids Pediatrics, with multiple locations in Jacksonville, Amelia Island, and St. Johns, Florida, offers well visits to newborns, children, and teens. At regular well visits, your child’s growth and development are discussed at length. Call 904-224-KIDS(5437) to request a well visit for your child today or request an appointment online.   

Well Visits Q & A

What are well visits?

A well visit, or well-child visit, assesses your child’s health, growth, and development. It’s important your child participates in well visits, even if they appear healthy.

Routine checkups at Angel Kids Pediatrics allow you to take control of your little one’s health through preventive health screenings. 

What happens during a well visit?

At Angel Kids Pediatrics, a well visit includes:

  • Step one: a complete physical exam
  • Step two: updating your child’s immunizations and vaccinations
  • Step three: assessing your child’s growth, development, and behavior
  • Step four: lab tests, including bloodwork and urinalysis

If your child takes any prescription medications, vitamins, or supplements, make sure to let the team know. 

Angel Kids Pediatrics is here to partner with you in the care of your child. Together with your provider, you will contribute to the needs of your child’s growth and development.

When should I schedule a well visit for my child?

The optimal timing for a well visit depends on your child’s age:


At Angel Kids Pediatrics, the team recommends that all newborns undergo a well-child exam within 3-5 days of birth. 

During a newborn exam, your child’s pediatrician completes a physical and looks for signs of illness or birth defects. They also administer vaccines and educate you and any other caregivers on best practices for feeding, changing diapers, and swaddling.


If you have a toddler who’s younger than five, the team might recommend checkups every six months. At each visit, they monitor your child’s growth and development and administer vaccines and immunizations.

Children and teens

Children six and older can benefit from a well visit once a year. However, if your child has a chronic health problem, like diabetes or asthma, more frequent checkups might be necessary.

After your child becomes a patient, the team develops a custom checkup schedule that aligns with their needs.

What should I bring to my child’s well visit?

To get the most out of your child’s well visit at Angel Kids Pediatrics, bring the following information:

  • Health insurance card
  • List of the medications your child takes
  • Photo ID
  • Previous medical records

If you’ve recently moved to the area and your child previously saw another pediatrician, make sure to bring their contact information as well.

Call 904-224-KIDS(5437) to schedule a well visit for your child today or request an appointment online.