Newborn Care

Newborn Care

About Newborn Care

Whether you just had your baby or just moved into town, we love to see those little baby feet in our office. Newborn care presents an opportunity to check in on your baby’s growth and development. Angel Kids Pediatrics, with multiple locations in Jacksonville, Amelia Island, and St. Johns, Florida, offers various newborn care services, including well-child exams, immunizations, and treatment of colic. Contact 904-224-KIDS (5437) to request newborn care for your little one or request an appointment online today. 

Newborn Care Q & A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care uses a combination of routine checkups and preventive screenings to monitor your baby’s health, growth, and development. 

Establishing your newborn at Angel Kids Pediatrics presents an opportunity to update their childhood immunizations and ensure they’re meeting all of their developmental milestones.

How should I prepare for a newborn care appointment?

Your newborn care will start with a prenatal meet and greet, where you’ll have an opportunity to meet your little one’s provider before your little one arrives! To get the most out of your child’s newborn care appointment, Angel Kids Pediatrics recommends scheduling your visit prior to leaving the hospital and making sure it’s during the first part of the day when your baby is well-rested and alert. 

Consider bringing your significant other or another family member to the appointment. It’s easier for two people to answer questions, remember your provider’s advice, and care for the baby.

What does a newborn care appointment involve?

At Angel Kids Pediatrics, newborn care appointments feature several steps, including:

Step one - Discussion of your baby’s health and well-being

First, your child’s pediatrician asks about your baby’s health, including how they’re eating and sleeping. Next, they weigh your baby and measure its length and head circumference.

Step two - Physical exam

Your child’s pediatrician then completes a physical exam. They gently press on your baby’s belly to feel for abnormalities, listen to their heartbeat and respiratory rate with a stethoscope, and check their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Your child’s provider also tests their reflexes and examines their bones and joints to ensure they’re growing normally.

Step three - Administer scheduled vaccinations

Immunizations teach your child’s immune system to identify and attack harmful invaders like viruses and bacteria. Keeping your child vaccinated is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce their risk of potentially serious illnesses, including chickenpox, the seasonal flu, and COVID-19.

Step four - Answering questions or concerns

At the end of a newborn care visit, your child’s pediatrician answers any questions or concerns that you have. If it helps, keep a running list in the notes app on your phone or carry a notebook. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about topics like breastfeeding or changing diapers. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about and the team is here to help.

Contact 904-224-KIDS (5437) to request newborn care for your child or click the online booking feature.