New Baby Checklist

Baby Essentials

Our team of pediatricians and fellow parents have compiled a list of essentials to get you through the first year and beyond.
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General Checklist

While this may be the 23rd baby checklist you’ve looked at, and don’t really want to start your 5th baby registry, we hope our checklist takes care of the items you will actually need. You know, to avoid the dreaded “Over-Purchasing Trap” that many parents fall into each new baby.
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Essential Items

From baby wash to burp cloths, our providers have curated an Amazon Shopping List for you to be able to click and go!

(we don’t make any commission off these items, we really just want to help.)
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Sensitive Skin Babies

Does your baby have Eczema or is hypoallergenic? We thought it was important to have a list dedicated specifically for these special little ones.