Stephany Matallana

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Meet Stephany Matallana

Board Certified Physician Assistant

Stephany Matallana is a dedicated and compassionate Board Certified Physician Assistant specializing in pediatrics. She is currently based at the Julington Creek location and works full-time, bringing her expertise and passion to the field.

Stephany's journey in pediatric care began almost a year ago, and she is driven by her strong desire to make a positive impact on the lives of children. Her commitment to this field was further solidified during her time as a medical scribe in a pediatric emergency room. She finds it incredibly rewarding to contribute to a child's development and overall well-being.

Stephany's academic background is impressive, with an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences from Florida International University, accompanied by a minor in Chemistry. She continued her education at Florida International University, where she earned a Master of Physician Assistant Studies with Honors.

In her PA-patient relationships, Stephany places great importance on building connections with children and their families. She values qualities such as patience and trustworthiness, which help foster a comfortable and nurturing environment for her young patients.

Outside of her professional life, Stephany enjoys a variety of activities during her free time. She has a passion for movies and often spends quality time with her husband and their beloved puppy, Max. Traveling, swimming, and exploring new places are also among her favorite pastimes.

Stephany is proud to be fluent in Spanish and hails from Colombia, a part of her cultural heritage she deeply cherishes. In her downtime, she indulges in unique hobbies, such as couponing, and she is an avid movie enthusiast who frequents theaters to catch the latest releases.

Stephany's interests extend beyond the realm of medicine. She has a penchant for watching spooky movies and has a favorite quote that reflects her outlook on life: "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game," a sentiment shared by the legendary Babe Ruth.

If she could have a superpower, Stephany would choose teleportation, allowing her to be anywhere in an instant and bypass the hassles of traffic. Her love for exploration and adventure aligns perfectly with this choice.

In addition to her medical profession and unique interests, Stephany has a furry family member named Maximus, a shnorkie (half yorkie, half schnauzer), and she recently celebrated her marriage in Colombia with her wonderful husband.

Stephany Matallana brings not only her medical expertise but also her vibrant personality and diverse interests to the world of pediatrics. Her dedication to children's well-being, combined with her love for family, adventure, and unique hobbies, makes her a valuable addition to the medical community and a delight to those who have the privilege of knowing her.