Bruce West, MD

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Meet Bruce West, MD


Dr. West's educational journey took him through Davidson College and the Medical College of Virginia, culminating in his certification by the American Board of Pediatrics. With an impressive 33-year career in general pediatrics, he has been a steadfast practitioner in both Virginia and Florida. For the past 14 years, Dr. West has been devoted to serving the pediatric community in Fernandina Beach on the picturesque Amelia Island.

What sets Dr. West apart is not only his extensive experience but also his genuine passion for all facets of pediatrics. His enthusiasm for his work is evident, and he eagerly anticipates each day in the clinic. In an era where such dedication can be rare, Dr. West stands out for his exceptional love and care for children, making him a cherished and reliable healthcare professional.

Beyond the realm of medicine, Dr. West has a diverse range of interests that reflect his well-rounded personality. An avid bird-watcher, he finds solace in observing nature's wonders. His green thumb extends to gardening, where he practices the art of Bonsai. Dr. West is not only skilled in nurturing plants but also in the culinary arts, as cooking is another one of his passions. A shutterbug at heart, he enjoys capturing moments through photography, and his love for literature and sports rounds out his multifaceted interests.

Dr. West's commitment to both his professional and personal pursuits showcases a balanced and dedicated individual, making him not just a seasoned pediatrician but a well-rounded individual with a deep connection to both his patients and his diverse range of interests.