Thomas James Connolly

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Meet Thomas James Connolly


Dr. Thomas James Connolly, MD FAAP, is a dedicated pediatrician with over 25 years of experience. Currently practicing part-time at Bartram and Normandy, he earned his medical degree from Emory Medical through the Air Force's Health Professions Scholarship Program.

His military service included roles in Japan and Italy, where he became the chief of the top pediatric clinic in the USAF – Europe division. Returning stateside, he joined Carithers Pediatrics Group for two decades before extending his impact to emergency pediatric care at the Emergency Resource Group in 2023.

Inspired by his upbringing in a large family and a natural affinity for children, Dr. Connolly values honesty and empathy in the doctor-patient relationship. Beyond medicine, he coaches his son's sports teams, serves as an assistant coach for Bishop Kenny varsity boys' basketball, and contributes to community boards.

Married for over 18 years to Mequel, Dr. Connolly is a proud father of two sons, Brandon and Jacob. Alongside his medical pursuits, he enjoys landscaping and anticipates the next season of the Power of the Ring. If he could have a superpower, he envisions himself as a Jedi Master, wielding the Force for good.

Dr. Connolly's mission is to build trustworthy relationships with patients and families, witnessing the results of their collaborative efforts in the form of healthy young adults. His unique blend of medical expertise, empathy, and a touch of Star Wars mystique makes him a distinctive figure in pediatric care.